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Here you’ll find 100% regulated casinos ranked for their security, payout rates and overall casino experience. As a team with over 60+ years of expertise in the gambling industry, was created to aid players in their search for the best casino online. We carefully review every online casino site on the web so you can be certain that any real money casino listed here is safe and trustworthy. Although security is a high priority of ours, we believe the most important factor is having fun when you gamble online so when you play on one of our casinos we guarantee you'll have a blast!

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Featured Casino Sites

Our recommended list of the best online casinos as of July, 2024:

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Game Providers

The Perfect Online Casino

In order to guarantee player satisfaction, our team checks that each of our listed casino sites go above and beyond in the following criteria:


Great Software

While most players may not be aware of the importance of the underlying software that powers the operations of an online casino, the software platform that a casino uses will definitely have a huge impact on player experiences in various casino sites. In many cases, players expect to be provided with the best that is available in terms of the latest and most secure software services in the market.

However, with our list of trusted online casino operators, finding a casino that is lag-free, malware-free and is easy to use will be a breeze for any gambler out there. We have put into consideration the fact that, despite the existence of a number of online casino gaming platforms and systems in the market, just a few met our standards and managed to be part of our neat ensemble of the best online casinos in existence.

Play On The Go

Mobile gaming is a rapidly growing aspect of online gambling with the mobile gaming industry anticipated to surpass the $70 million mark by 2020. A lot of people are already participating in online gambling through various platforms and with our stringently reviewed sites, finding casinos with exceptional mobile gaming offerings will be very easy even when it comes to live dealer experiences. Furthermore, the ones that we have listed for our readers have mobile apps that are compatible with several platforms including AndroidiOS, Blackberry.

Reviewing Legitimacy

This is a defining factor for how safe gaming is at any given online casino. Our focus is primarily on licensed casinos that are reliable and also of great software product and quality. Licensed casinos are safe options for gamblers as the licenses are representations of a trust that has been put on a company based on its performance measures and security. Our sites are definitely the best ones on the market because they are licensed by nothing short of the best and most trusted licensing bodies.

The Bonuses

Ranging all the way from no-deposit bonuses to free spins or cash, players can enjoy playing on our list of online casinos as they check all the right boxes in this case. There is no harm in enjoying the bonuses that gambling websites have to offer but if you are going to make a choice, you might as well pick any from our polished list. All of them are quite easy to get, offer hefty bonus cash amounts and have rather flexible or bearable requirements which therefore makes them the best for any online gambler whose choice of a casino depends on this factor.

How Our Experts Rate Casinos

  1. Rigorous Security Checks

The online casino sites listed on here have passed our industry-leading set of criteria checks for security, all with SSL site encryption as a bare minimum combined with other web technologies.

  1. Device and Software Compatibility

We believe the best online casino experience can be enjoyed anywhere at any time so we place high regards in those who accommodate a wide range of device support with casino apps.

  1. Deposit Option Tests

The more payments options available, the merrier! We verify all the methods an online casino offers and record the speed and success of each one for your convenience.

  1. Test Games and Winnings

There are hundreds and sometimes thousands of casino games in a library. Our reviewers test each one from depositing to cashing out so we can live the full experience and reflect it in our reviews.

  1. Report, Rank and Recommend

We carefully assess whether an online casino meets our standards – If it does, we recommend it to you!

USA’s Top Online Casino Guide

Here at, we understand that it can be a difficult and daunting task finding the correct casino to wager your hard earned real money on. Whether you’re new to the real money casino scene or a seasoned veteran, we’re confident that our recommended best online casinos are enjoyed by everyone.

Our team of casino experts who review every site that you find here are well versed in judging all the important aspects of what makes a great online casino. The reason why so many players come back to play on our recommended casinos is because we understand the needs of every type of player which is due to our diverse review team consisting of ex-competitors, average every day players, and also those who just appreciate a good game of blackjack online at the end of a long day.

Each of our detailed reviews cover the main cornerstones of having an enjoyable online casino experience: bonuses, payments, security, software/games and support. While some factors may be more important to some than others, we only consider those who manage to successfully score high in all categories to be the best. There’s no point in having an online casino which provides the world’s best security but also the most miserable gambling experience ever. A balance of high standards is a must!

One of the main reasons we are considered the top casino guide is because we consistently offer sites with the best online casino bonuses which are 100% verified. There is no better way to test out new casinos than to receive huge bonuses to ramp up your playtime. Whether you’re from the United StatesUnited KingdomCanadaAustraliaNew Zealand or South Africa, you’ll find great offers that can be claimed through a variety of deposit options.

Online Casino Player Protection

A great reason to play on our real money casino sites is that you don’t have to waste time worrying about safety issues because we’ve already tested every security aspect. There are a lot of sites which are not only flawed in terms of security, but also actively try to cheat their players by rigging games for their own profit. You can gamble safely with the knowledge that we will never list these scammy online casinos. We constantly update our reviews to ensure our players only visit sites that provide fair odds and a safe environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

For a fuller, detailed FAQ section, check out this dedicated page we’ve put together to help address query you might have.

Are Online Casinos Legal?

All online casinos listed on are fully legal and regulated so you don’t have to worry about all that when playing. However, you’ll find that there are thousands of online casinos all over the web which are scams and use underhand tactics to cheat players to increase their own gains. This is why we test and only list the top online casinos so our players are in safe hands.

How Can I Make Sure I’m Protected And Safe When Gambling Online?

The simple answer would be that you’ll always have player protection when gambling on one of our listed casinos. Although, if you decide to venture elsewhere on the internet (which we totally recommend you do to explore your options), it’s important to read all the terms and conditions and keep an eye out for anything that looks strange. We know it’s time-consuming, but research is key here and that’s why we love to do it for you to keep our players safe and secure.

How Do I Start Winning Real Money?

You can kick off your online casino real money journey by selecting one of our reviewed and trusted sites above and register so you can make your first deposit. After you’ve claimed your welcome bonus, you can jump straight into any game on the platform and bet with real money. Any winnings can then be cashed out via the casino’s specified payment options.

What Casino Games Are Available?

Now that we’re in the age of mass digital adoption, with most top online casinos there are online equivalents of all standard land-based casino games. This includes slots, roulette, blackjack, table games, video slots and even live casino games. With this huge selection of games, you’ll never get bored!

Do Some Payment Options Have Benefits Over Others?

There are different benefits of using specific deposit/withdrawal options. For example, if you decide to use an e-Wallet it’s generally safer because your information is protected by the e-Wallet service as opposed to using bank transfer or your debit/credit card. On the other hand, if you’re looking for speed then paying using a credit card or bitcoin may be the choice for you. Whatever you choose, ensure you gamble responsibly and only with money you can afford to lose.

Are All Games Fair?

All the online casinos which we recommend are fair unlike some which set an unreasonable house edge. The house edge is basically a small advantage (dependent on the game) the casino has over its players which in theory should ensure the casino will get more money from players than it gives out. It’s important for a casino to find a fair balance of odds because, in the end, it’s a business which needs to earn money. You can be certain that when playing on one of our recommended sites that you are gambling in a fair environment.

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