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Playing at online casinos has never been more fun thanks to the introduction of live dealer casino games. If you’ve never played before, or you’ve tried it but still miss the real authentic interaction you get from playing at land-based casinos with live dealers, now is the perfect time to try playing at live casinos online!

Thanks to the ongoing improvements in technology such as high bandwidth connection, now you get the best of both worlds by accessing your favorite casino games, such as live casino baccarat and live casino roulette, right from the comfort of your own home, with the added realism that is achieved through the integration of High Definition stream of a real Live Dealer! Online Casino games have never felt more real or exciting!

Our team of experts have put together this guide to tell you all there is to know about live casino games and why they are blowing up. They have also vetted all online casinos that offer live dealer casino games and hand-picked the best and safest sites for you to start playing live casino games right away! So, read on and join in on the fun!

Not every online casino that offers live dealer casino baccarat or live dealer casino roulette is worth your time. But after our extensive research and testing, we have listed for you the best sites for you to play live casino games.

Our recommended list of the best Live Dealer casino sites as of June 2024:

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What Are Live Dealer Casinos?

The main difference between playing at a live dealer casino and a normal online casino is that you’ll be looking at a beautiful real-life dealer through live streaming rather than at fancy computer graphics. We don’t know about you, but our team of experts all agree that it’s way more fun playing live dealer casino games.

In addition to having a real-life dealer, you’ll also get everything else that you expect from playing at a land-based casino, such as being dealt real cards when you play live casino baccarat or watching a dealer use a real roulette wheel and ball when you play live casino roulette.

Basically, regardless of which live casino game you choose to play at our recommended live casinos online, everything you’ll see via the live stream will be real, giving you the feeling of playing at a real Las Vegas casino without having to pay to fly there! How good does that sound?

Live Casino Games Vs Online Casino Games

Apart from the obvious difference of there being a real-life live dealer, there are some other differences that may not be immediately apparent:

Social Aspect

Most online casino games do not allow players to communicate with each other during game play. This is preferred by some players, but for others, a bit of competitive talking here and there elevates the excitement to the next level. You can even interact and ask questions directly to the dealer too. However, be mindful that just because you’re playing a behind a screen doesn’t mean you don’t need to practice proper casino etiquette. So, talk and communicate as you would do at a real casino.


Random Number Generator is utilized for all online casino games, and has been ever since electronic games were created. They are absolutely fair, so there’s no need for concern there, however, there is something inherently authentic about seeing the action play out right in front of you compared to not actually seeing all the calculations that are made behind the scenes. Seeing a real deck of cards being shuffled and then being dealt to you by a real-life dealer enhances your online gaming experience exponentially – This is true for games like live dealer casino baccarat. Even for non-card games like live casino roulette, you’ll experience the same level of added excitement and realism from seeing the real ball spin around a real roulette wheel – even hearing the real authentic sounds makes for an incomparable gameplay experience versus electronic online roulette.

Game Pace

As live dealer casino games operate in virtually identical ways as their land-based counterpart, expect gameplay to be slower compared to electronic online games. This is because everything takes just a little longer as the dealer has to physically shuffle and deal the cards, collect the bets etc.

No Free Play

Running live casino games costs a lot more than video casino games because the live dealer casino will have to employ real dealers, people to operate and monitor the streaming equipment, and managers to oversee the games. All this costs money, and therefore there are no free play options when you play at a live casinos online.

You Can Play At Three Types Of Live Dealer Casinos

  • Dealer Studio – This is the most common type of live casino that you’ll come across. The studio is tailored made for the sole purpose of streaming live dealer casino games. Everything from the lighting, camera angle, backdrops, and customization was specifically designed to give players a better experience when they play at live casinos online.
  • Real Casino – This is about as real as it gets. When you play at live casinos that are broadcasted from real casinos, you’ll likely be sitting (the camera that you’re watching through is positioned) next to a real player sat at that table playing the same game that you’re playing. So, if you’re playing live casino roulette, you’ll be virtually sitting next to a real person that’s also playing roulette at the same table as you.
  • Broadcasted Games – These are live games that are broadcasted over the internet and cable TV, giving players the option of choosing to play from their computer or TV.

Types Of Live Dealer Casino Games

Not every casino game is available as a live dealer option. This is to do with the fact that running these games costs more money than the electronic versions, therefore live casinos online only offer the most popular casino games that they believe will attract players. Below is a list of games you are likely to find at live casinos:

  • Live Casino Baccarat
  • Live Casino Roulette
  • Live Dream Catcher
  • Live Casino Hold’em
  • Live Blackjack
  • Live Three Card Poker
  • Live Ultimate Texas Hold’em
  • Live Caribbean Stud Poker

Reasons To Play At Our Recommend Live Casinos

Just like video online casinos, there are some bad ones, there are many okay ones, and there are very few AMAZING ones.

Our team of expert live casino reviewers tested all live casinos available online, and specifically picked out only the best of the best ones for you to play on. All of the amazing live casinos that we have listed have the following:

  • Biggest Selection of Live Games – More is always better, but as live games are still relatively new, most live casinos only offer 3-4 games. Our recommended live casinos offer all the most popular live casino games, including live casino baccarat, live casino roulette, and live casino blackjack.
  • Wider Variety of Dealers – That’s right. Just as players tend to choose game tables at land-based casinos based on who the dealer is, the best live casinos offer a large range of dealer types for you to choose from. Men/Women, Asian, European, German, Brunette/Blonde/Black haired, and even Playboy Bunny-themed dealers! So, if playing a game of live casino baccarat with a Playboy Bunny-themed dealer sounds like something that interest you, then head on over to any of our recommended live casinos and play online.
  • Lower Minimum and Higher Maximum Stakes – By design, mediocre live casinos will have slightly higher minimum stakes (to cover the cost of operation) and lower maximum stakes (because they can’t afford to payout). For this reason, we’ve carefully selected the best live casinos online that offer the lowest minimum stakes – perfect for new live game players – and also the highest maximum stake, up to $500,000, for the more experienced players looking for a bigger score.
  • Higher Cashout – It’s pointless if you win huge amount of money but are then limited by how much you can cashout at any one time. We’ve only recommended live casinos that offer the highest cashout available.

Frequently Asked Questions

✔️ What Are The Advantages Of Playing At A Live Casino?

There are plenty to be gained by playing at a live casino compared to a normal online casino. The main thing is human interaction (you can communicate directly with the dealer and other players) and realism. It’s the closest thing you can possibly experience next to actually going to the land-based casinos.

✔️ What Are The Best Live Dealer Casino Games?

This really comes down to personal preference, but for us, we tend to favor live casino baccarat, live casino roulette, and live casino blackjack. We’re not the only ones either. If you play these live games, you’ll always find other people playing too.

✔️ Are There Any Special Live Games Bonuses?

Absolutely! We’ve made sure to find and recommend only the best live casinos that offer the most generous bonuses for both new and current players.

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