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Best Online Sic Bo Sites For 2024

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If you’re a fan of table games like roulette and craps, but fancy something a little bit different, online Sic Bo should be right up your alley. Translating to “dice pair”, the game of Sic Bo is actually played with three dice. It’s a fast-paced game and you’re definitely in for an exciting experience when playing online.

Our recommended list of the best Sic Bo sites as of April 2024:

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Up to $5500 in Bonuses BoVegas Casino
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How We Choose The Best Sic Bo Casinos

When it comes to playing online casino games, we want players to have a safe and rewarding gaming experience. As such, our expert reviewers work hard to ensure that we recommend only the best online casinos where great Sic Bo games can be found. This is the criterion that we consider when picking out online gaming sites for you to enjoy.


You should never play at an online casino that is not licensed in a well-known gaming jurisdiction. So, we always thoroughly vet sites to ensure that they do indeed have the license that is displayed on their site. This is important because jurisdictions like Malta, Isle of Man and Curacao hold their licensees accountable for ensuring that strict player protection measures are in place. As a result, you’ll always feel safe and secure while playing at Sic Bo sites recommended by Best Online Casino Sites.


There are many different online casino bonuses that you can claim to boost your bankroll, and we make sure that you’ll find the best ones. It’s our mission to ensure that you have plenty of bonus options available to your, whichever site you choose. Welcome bonuses, reloads, free chips and no deposit bonuses are the promotions that we’re always on the lookout for.

Game Selection

After playing plenty of Sic Bo, it’s likely that you’ll want to expand your horizons, so we keep our eyes peeled for sites that feature a number of similar games. Since Sic Bo doesn’t have many variants, we ensure that our list of casinos features other popular dice games like Poker Dice, Craps and Sharp Shooter.

Safe And Convenient Banking

Once you’ve made a profit playing Sic Bo online, you want to be able to withdraw your winnings easily and securely. So, the online casinos that you’ll find at Best Online Casino Sites are the ones that provide you with the best banking services. Here, we feature online casinos with quick withdrawals and banking options like PayPal and Neteller that offer safe transactions.

How To Play Sic Bo

Free Sic Bo Reference Chart

Download a free Sic Bo table chart below:Download sic-bo-chart.png

The Sic Bo board looks pretty complicated, but the rules are pretty simple. The dealer throws three dice and the players bet on the result. As is the case with Craps, they can wager on a number of different options – for example, the total of all three dice, two specific numbers landing or any single number appearing. These are the different bets in Sic Bo:

  • Total: this wager is on the total of all three dice, from 4 to 17. The payouts vary from 4:1 to 60:1
  • Small and Big: a wager on whether the total of the three dice will be big (11 to 17) or Small (4 to 10). These bets pay even money.
  • Combination: a bet on any two specific numbers on three dice. The payout is 6:1.
  • Single: a wager that any single number will appear on any of the three dice. The payout ranges from even money to 12:1.
  • Double: a bet that two of a specific number will appear on the three dice. The payout is 10:1.
  • Triple: wagering that all three dice will show the same number. It pays 30:1.

Wagering Odds

Choosing which option to bet on can be difficult, but with the odds for each potential win displayed the information could help you to decide how to wager. Here are all the odds:

Bet TypeOdds
Specific Triple180:1
Specific Double10:1
Any Triple30:1
Three Dice Total: 4 or 1760:1
Three Dice Total: 5 or 1630:1
Three Dice Total: 6 or 1518:1
Three Dice Total: 7 or 1412:1
Three Dice Total: 8 or 138:1
Three Dice Total: 9 or 127:1
Three Dice Total: 10 or 116:1
Dice Combinations6:1
Single Number: 1 Dice1:1
Single Number: 2 Dice2:1
Single Number: 3 Dice3:1
Four Number Combination7:1
Three Single Number Combination30:1
Specific Double and Single Combination50:1

The most popular of all of these bets in online sic bo are ‘big’ and ‘small’.

Winning Sic Bo Strategies

It’s great to simply play online Sic Bo for the fun of it, but what’s better than scoring a big win? There are a number of strategies that you can use in order to win at Sic Bo. Depending on what kind of player you are, there are a couple of strategies that you can use.

Low Risk Sic Bo Strategy

If you’re bankroll is quite small and you’re not looking to take any big risks, then you should stick with bets that have the smallest house edge. In the game of Sic Bo, these are the Small, Big and Combination bets, which have a house edge of 2.78%.

low risk sic bo strategy

Using only these wagers will limit your losses in the long run. They’re not particularly profitable bets, but you’ll be able to land more wins than losses.

Hedging Bets As A Medium Risk Strategy

Once you’ve gotten the basics down and are happy to move on to a more complex strategy, we’d advise hedging your bets. This is a medium-risk strategy where you bet on a number of different bet combinations in order to cover various results.

medium risk sic bo strategy

According to experienced Sic Bo players, what you want to do is combine your bets so that you have four different chances of winning. While you might lose four times your initial wager, your potential win should compensate.

So, ideally, you’d place a safe bet on Small, Big or Combination, a couple of mid-risk wagers on Totals, Singles or Doubles, and one big wager on Triple. This should provide you with a number of options that will help you land a decent win.

High Risk Sic Bo Strategy

If you’re looking to win big, then you’ll have to take big risks. In order to do this, you’re going to aim to win multiple wagers at once. This can get a little bit complicated, so make sure you understand the game basics before attempting a high-risk strategy.

high risk sic bo strategy

Frequently Asked Questions

✔️ What Is A Sic Bo Cage?

A sic bo cage is a container in which the dice are shaken before rolling, similar to those you might find in some board games.

✔️ Are There Any Sic Bo Strategies That Work?

While you can break down the numbers and theorize about outcomes, there is no one strategy that will help you continue winning playing Sic Bo. The game itself carries a completely randomized outcome, but by betting on small or big bets, you can get your chances of success close to 49%. However, you need to understand that this gives the house over 1% edge, which will statistically make you lose in the long term. Due to the unpredictability of the game itself, this loss can occur very early, thus cutting into your budget.

✔️ What Is The House Edge Of Individual Sic Bo Bets?

Type of Sic Bo Bet: 4 and 17 - House Edge: 12.5% Type of Sic Bo Bet: 5 and 16 - House Edge: 11.1% Type of Sic Bo Bet: 6 and 15 - House Edge: 12% Type of Sic Bo Bet: 7 and 14 - House Edge: 9.72% Type of Sic Bo Bet: 8 and 13 - House Edge: 12.5% Type of Sic Bo Bet: 9 and 12 - House Edge: 7.4% Type of Sic Bo Bet: 10 and 11 - House Edge: 12.5%

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