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Sic Bo Online Guide

play at the best sites for sic boLooking for an easy and fun to play game? We have just the right game for you – Sic bo is the most renowned dice game in the world and requires very little strategic planning so is absolutely perfect for players eager to jump straight into the action. Still not convinced? What if we told you that it is also one of the easiest casino games to win? Don’t take our word for it, head on over to any of our recommended online casinos and find out for yourself just how much excitement and thrills this game can bring you.

Our Recommended Sic Bo Online Casino Sites

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Sic Bo Online Rules

Online sic bo gambling is relatively easy. The table looks incredibly complicated, but the bets couldn’t be more straightforward.

Sic bo is a little bit like roulette but with three dice instead of a wheel. You need to choose an outcome and then place your bet. It is not necessary to correctly predict the exact outcome of all three dice in order to win, although that is a possibility.

There are a wealth of options available to gamblers in online sic bo from predicting one single number to present on any of the dice, to doubles and triples and even the total of all three dice. You can also pick any combination which will appear on two of the dice.

Pretty much every eventuality is covered for betting purposes. The only way to lose is by predicting the wrong outcome. It is a single roll game and then once all bets are settled it begins again, so unlike the other popular dice game, craps, it is a great quick hit for speed gamblers.

How to Play Sic Bo Online

With online sic bo, like most other casino games, all you need to do is to decide which type of bet you wish to place and then hit start to roll the dice. Here are the bets from which you can choose:

  • Big – Dice total is 11 – 17 inclusive.
  • Small – Dice total is 4 – 10 inclusive.
  • Odd – Total is odd.
  • Even – Total is even.
  • Specific triple – Any nominated three of a kind.
  • Specific double – Any nominated two of a kind.
  • Three dice total – The combined total of the three dice.
  • Any triple – Any three of kind is rolled.
  • Dice combinations – All combinations of 2 dice.
  • Single number – One number on any die. Wins extra if it appears on 2 or 3 dice.
  • Four number combination – Any 3 of the 4 numbers needed to win.
  • Three single number combination – Predict the full outcome of the roll.
  • Specific double and single combination – Any chosen double and chosen single.

In online sic bo gambling you can choose one or any combination of these bets. There is no limit.

Online Sic Bo Gambling Options

Choosing which option to bet on can be difficult, but with the odds for each potential win displayed the information could help you to decide how to wager. Here are all the odds:

  • Big – 1:1
  • Small – 1:1
  • Odd – 1:1
  • Even – 1:1
  • Specific triple – 180:1
  • Specific double – 10:1
  • Any triple – 30:1
  • Three dice total The odds are different for different totals. 4 or 17 – 60:1, 5 or 16 – 30:1, 6 or 15 – 18:1, 7 or 14 – 12:1, 8 or 13 – 8:1, 9 or 12 – 7:1, 10 or 11 – 6:1
  • Dice combinations – 6:1
  • Single number – 1:1 on one die, 2:1 on two dice, 3:1 on three dice
  • Four number combination – 7:1
  • Three single number combination – 30:1
  • Specific double and single combination – 50:1

The most popular of all of these bets in online sic bo are ‘big’ and ‘small’.

Sic Bo Online Tips

As with roulette, the key to winning regularly with sic bo online is to favour the lower risk, lower odds bets. ‘Big’ and ‘small’ offer odds of 1:1 so your chance is 50/50, the same is red or black in roulette or tossing a coin. Through time a careful staking plan on these bets can pay dividends.

Combining your bets can see you win regularly too through more medium risk betting strategy. Betting on a couple of single numbers or even some doubles and totals will give you more coverage and a greater chance of a payout.

Anything with high odds such as the triples, specific double and single combinations and three single number combinations are best avoided.


Where can I find the best online sic bo casino?

Any casino offering online sic bo for gambling which is properly regulated and holds the relevant licenses is trustworthy and a good place to start, but if you want the absolute best, simply choose one from our highly recommended online sic bo casinos as we have carefully tested each one of them to guarantee they offer the best bonuses and highest payout rates.

Can I win more in online sic bo by using a strategy?

You can’t improve the odds of a win, but careful staking can see you in profit through time.

What is a sic bo cage?

A sic bo cage is a container in which the dice are shaken before rolling, similar to those you might find in some board games.