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Online Video Poker Sites of 2024

best sites for video poker

Playing video poker online is a fun and easy activity. Whether you’re new to playing card games or are looking to take a break from more complex games, this is a great game to pass the time and land some impressive payouts while you’re at it.

Our recommended list of the best video poker sites as of May 2024:

$5000 Bonus Wild Casino
5 / 5
Before You Play Play Now Terms & Conditions apply
200% up to $1,000
5 / 5
Before You Play Play Now Terms & Conditions apply
150% up to $3000 Las Vegas USA
4.9 / 5
Before You Play Play Now Terms & Conditions apply
100% up to $1000 Fair Go Casino
4.9 / 5
Before You Play Play Now Terms & Conditions apply
$3000 in Bonuses Ignition Casino
4.8 / 5
Before You Play Play Now Terms & Conditions apply
100% up to $3000 BetOnline Casino
4.6 / 5
Before You Play Play Now Terms & Conditions apply

How To Play Online Video Poker

Video poker is a very simple game to play. It’s easy to understand the rules, and the overall gameplay is very straightforward. It’s all about trying to make the most of the cards you’re dealt.

A game of online video poker begins when you’re dealt five cards. You can then choose to discard any number of cards and are dealt the appropriate number of cards to replace them. Then, the resulting hand is evaluated, and you’ll receive a payout based on its strength. Standard online video poker prizes are as follows:

  • Royal Flush – 250x
  • Straight Flush – 50x
  • Four of a Kind – 25x
  • Full House – 6x to 9x
  • Flush – 5x or 6x
  • Straight – 4x
  • Three of a Kind – 3x
  • Two Pair – 2x
  • Pair of Jacks or Better – 1x

Depending on the video poker variant that you’re playing, the payouts will differ. Some games will offer additional prizes for certain hands while others will award higher payouts for particular hands.

The Best Video Poker Variants

There are plenty of interesting video poker variants available. It is one of the most diverse casino games out there, and some variants can be a lot more lucrative than others. These are the best online video poker games that you should keep an eye out for at online casinos:

Jacks Or Better

This is the most common type of video poker game available, and you should be able to find it at just about every online casino out there. In this version of the game, your hand only pays when you make a pair of jacks or higher.

Aces And Eights

In this variation, there are extra payouts for when you land four-of-a-kind aces, eights or sevens. It is a low variance game like Jacks or Better, so this is the first game you should move on to after playing standard video poker online.

Deuces Wilds

To help you land wins more easily, all twos are wild in this online video poker variation. With the addition of wilds, you can now make three new hands: five-of-a-kind, a wild royal flush and four-of-a-kind twos.

Jokers Wild

In Jokers Wild, video poker is played with a 53-card deck. Like Deuces Wild, all jokers are wild so you have some help in making hands.

Double Bonus

This is another video poker variation that offers up extra pays for specific hands. When you land four-of-a-kind aces, you’ll receive a prize worth 800 coins while four-of-a-kind 2s, 3s and 4s will result in a 400-coin payout.

Double Double Bonus

If you find that you’re having plenty of luck while playing Double Bonus, then you might want to move on to this online video poker variant. In this version of the game, there are more payouts for different four-of-a-kind combinations.

Video Poker Strategy

When it comes to playing online video poker, there are hard and fast rules that you can use to help secure a positive result. It’s all about knowing which cards to discard and when to discard them. The optimal strategy is generally the same for all variants of video poker:

  • When you have four to a straight or flush, hold these cards so you can possibly complete the hand
  • If you have three cards to a royal flush or straight flush, do the same as above and hold on to them
  • If you have any pair, hold it and draw three cards
  • If you don’t have any of the above, hold any Jacks or higher.
  • If don’t have any cards higher than a 10, then discard all five cards

Bankroll Control

Since there aren’t many specific gameplay strategies for playing video poker, bankroll tactics should come into play. It’s very important for players to consider how much money they have to spend playing video poker online in order to maximize their profits – especially when it comes to trying out different variants of the game.

Firstly, games like Jacks or Better and Aces & Eights are low variance games. This means that they are likely to pay out their more generous prizes often when you’re using the optimal strategy. So, players will smaller bankrolls can enjoy themselves while experience consistent wins.

On the other hand, higher variance games like Double Double Bonus video poker pay out their top prizes less often with the use of the optimal strategy. As a result, players will smaller budgets, may get close to depleting their bankrolls as they wait for their next big win.

So, it’s important that you have a big enough budget to support playing any higher variance online video poker variants. So, for every $4 that you would have to spend on a game like Aces and Eights, you should have $10 to play on a game like Double Bonus.

Get A Bankroll Boost With Video Poker Bonuses

Bonuses and promotions are common in the online casino world, but there are definitely some offers that are better than others. These are the best types of online video poker bonuses that you should always look out at gaming sites.

Match Bonuses

When you make a deposit, the online casino operator will match the amount of money by a certain percentage. On your first deposit, this is usually a 100% match, but it can sometimes go all the way up to 300% – and, the operator will occasionally throw in free chips.

Existing members can also claim deposit bonuses that are called “reloads”. They are regularly scheduled on certain days of the week, and the casino will provide you with 25% to 75% matches on your deposits.

No Deposit Bonuses

This is definitely the best type of online video poker bonus available, which means it’s naturally hard to come by. When you do find a no deposit bonus at a site that takes you fancy, you should certainly take advantage of it.

A no deposit bonus is exactly what it sounds like. You’re provided with a small cash bonus without having to make a deposit, and it is usually credited to your account immediately after registering.

Leaderboard Competitions And Prize Draw Giveaways

Leaderboard competitions are ideal for those who play regularly. Every time you spend a certain amount of money, you’ll be provided with leaderboard points. Every week or month, the player at the top of the leaderboard will receive a cash prize or a special bonus.

Prize draw giveaways are similar in that you’re provided with entries into the draw every time you spend a certain amount of cash. At the end of the promotional period, players are randomly selected to win. There are all sorts of special prizes available, like vacations, jewelry and gadgets.

Don’t Miss Out On Your Chance To Claim Online Video Poker Bonuses

Bonuses can usually be found on your online casino’s Promotions page, but there might be a few that slip through the cracks. Some sites offer exclusive promotions only for players who sign up to the newsletter, so make sure you subscribe.

It’s also a good idea for you to follow the casino on social media. Twitter and Facebook are both great places to find promotions, so make sure you follow your chosen online casino to ensure that you don’t miss out.

Clearing Your Video Poker Bonus

Every type of online casino bonus comes with wagering requirements, which tell you how much money you have to wager your bonus before you can withdraw it. So, if you claim a bonus worth $10 with a 40x wagering requirement, you’d have to spend $400 before you can withdraw that $10.

As such, you should always keep an eye out for online casinos that have lower wagering requirements. They tend to range from 25x to 50x, so be sure to keep this in mind when browsing around for an online casino to join. It’s always a good idea to look for wagering requirements on the lower end of the spectrum, no matter how enticing an online video poker site’s bonuses may seem.

How To Find The Best Online Video Poker Sites

There are hundreds of websites that offer you the ability to play video poker online – but it’s important that you choose where to play wisely. At Best Online Casino Sites, we’re here to steer you in the right direction. Our expert casino reviewers have done extension research to determine the best destinations for playing this exciting game.

Generous Bonuses

In the online casino world, there are plenty of different bonuses available that help boost your bankroll. We’ll only recommend the gaming sites that offer up generous promotions that allow you to claim bonus cash often and keep an eye out for sites with low wagering requirements and no deposit bonuses.

Wide Range Of Video Poker Variants

Since there are so many different variants of video poker, we think that you should be able to access all of them at once in the same place. So, our reviewers aim to recommend online casinos where you can find a wide range of online video poker games, as well as other similar table games like three-card poker and Caribbean Stud.


You should only play at online casinos that have a license from a reputable jurisdiction. Gambling commissions in locations like the Isle of Man, Curacao and Kahnawake only licenses sites that meet a high standard of player protection measures. We not only look on the site to ensure that they have the jurisdictions seal but do further research to confirm that the operator does indeed hold that particular license.

Safe And Secure Banking

Whenever it comes to handling money on the internet, it’s important that you feel safe. At Best Online Casino Sites, we thoroughly vet sites to ensure that the offer the more secure deposit and withdrawal options. We only recommend sites that use reputable banking services, like PayPal, Neteller and major credit cards so that you never have to worry about what is going on with your hard-earned money. We also keep our eyes peeled for online video poker sites that provide you with quick withdrawals in 24 hours or less, so you can start spending your winnings as soon as possible.

Online Video Poker: Simple Fun, Big Winning Potential

When you play video poker online, you don’t have to worry about spending too much brain power. It’s a simple game that you can play to pass the time without thinking about strategies, making it a great game to play while you’re on the go.

There are over a dozen fun online video poker variants to try out in the digital gaming world, and you should certainly test out a few of them. While Jacks or Better is the standard version of the game, playing Double Bonus or Deuces Wild can net you some amazing wins.

Because of these reasons and many others, video poker has remained a staple at both land-based and online casinos for decades. With easy gameplay and big potential rewards, it’s no wonder why video poker continues to be a favorite among casino goes all over the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

✔️ Which Casino Has The Best Us Video Poker Games?

Presently, you can find some of the best video poker games at which is a top choice for US players as well. While legal casinos are considered to be quicker in terms of payouts, Bovada has a great portfolio of games, including Double Double Bonus Poker 1 Hand, Jacks or Better, 52 Hands, Joker Poker 10 Hands, and others.

✔️ What Are Multi-hand Video Poker Games?

Some versions of video poker allow you to play with multiple hands at the same time. This can start with a rather modest amount, such as 2 or 5 additional hands, but it can quickly go up to 50 or even 100 hands. More of a chess than video poker, there are players who prefer this type of poker. To control the hands, you simply need to make a choice for one of the hands, as it will be mirrored across all the rest. For each window, the cards drawn from the deck will be different.

✔️ Are There Progressive Jackpots For Video Poker?

Yes, developers such as Microgaming have created specific titles where a % of every bet, across a wide network of casinos, is pooled towards a common pool. This way the jackpot builds up over time until it’s won. Then the counter starts from 0. The amount you can win depends on the current total pool, but it can easily exceed $100,000, for example. One popular progressive jackpot poker version to play is Supajax.

✔️ What’s The Average Payout In Video Poker Games?

The average payout in video poker remains similar to that of slots – around 97%. However, there are many versions of the game that pay exceptionally and over 98.90%. There are nearly 10 versions where the payouts exceed 99.10%. Deuces Wild can offer returns as high as 100.76%. Joker Poker’s theoretical return can be as high as 100.65% and Jacks or Better is estimated at 99.54%. Another great version to consider is Double Double Bonus Poker with 100.07. These are just theoretical percentages however, so keep this in mind.

✔️ Can I Play Video Poker Online For Free?

Yes, most casinos offer free demo versions on which you can practice.

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