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  • Last Updated are aware of the privacy to which our visitors are entitled to and endeavour to make them accessible and known throughout the usage of the site. Although it is important to at times collect information for the purpose of bringing a better overall experience to visitors, it is equally as important to acknowledge and protect the needs of visitors as well.

This is why we have applied tight SSL security across the entire site, ensuring that only information that absolutely has to be stored is kept on our end in a secure environment. Through this Privacy Policy we will openly list the methods used to gather and use any information collected from our users. As a visitor, through the continued use of the site you agree to the privacy policy’s terms and conditions, allowing us to utilize your information in the methods specified below.

Should you disagree with your information being collected and/or used in such ways, you should cease to use the site immediately and contact the site owners or administrators to delete any information stored, if there is any. By resuming the use of the site, regardless of changes to terms or else, you will be agreeing to the terms of the privacy policy.


A cookie refers to a small file that is stored on the user’s drive when they access and/or continually use the site. Cookies can but may not necessarily contain information such as but not limited to unique user identification or username(s) (if provided). Cookies are a common, completely legal and a safe practise that is also utilized on this site in order to store any customizations users put on this site and will only ever be used for the most basic operation of the site.

Every user visits a site through an ‘IP address’ which contains a series of numbers unique to your device at the time of visiting the site. It is also very common for a cookies to note down a visitor’s IP address in the participation of passive administration, suitable security measures and for the tracking of website statistics in order to deliver a better and more reliable experience across the site.

Site Use

We may from time to time collect and use statistical information pertaining to your navigation of the site where the use of cookies will allow us to help you to experience the site fully as intended.

After visiting the site, we can only collect sensitive information such as usernames or passwords if you offer it but will only direct you to external sites and will never ask for your username, password or payment details.


If you submit any information to us willingly, we may on occasion use this contact detail to provide any critical information about our site or to offer services or promotional offers that we believe you will benefit from. We also provide the opportunity to opt out of any e-mails of this nature as you are free to contact us through the site’s administrative e-mail or ‘Contact Us’ page requesting to have your e-mail removed.

Every communication with you will also include details on how to unsubscribe or opt-out of the e-mails where we will remove your e-mail from the mailing list. Note however, that any information that we deem important can still be sent to you but this will only be on rare occasions where the message pertains to imminent security or time-based alerts, we gauge necessary to communicate to you.

Player Responsibility

To make sure you have a positive and more importantly safe experience on the site, it is your own responsibility to take any measurements you can to ensure your own safety not only while visiting this site but browsing online in general.

We take no responsibility in any activities of you voluntarily entering your username and/or password when you’re not on and will never ask for you to register or provide a username or password. You must be wary when entering your details online that they can be exposed to keyloggers and other insecure means of capturing data that we cannot be held responsible for. Your passwords and username(s) should be comprised of memorable but secure series of characters, symbols and/or numbers and again is not the responsibility of to create or uphold.

Third Party

Should ever be sold, your personal details may upon the occasion be transferred to the new company with the freedom for you to request for your details to be opted out of this during, after or preceding a transfer.

In the event of being requested to by law, may need to legally disclose information—sensitive or otherwise—of some of our users. This can happen in the circumstance that is not limited to a third party or external agent claiming infringement of internet property rights to where we must provide your details if they can provide proof of you doing so initially.

Any information provided about your visit can be processed outside of the country of your residence where other affiliates operate and are legally permitted to at the time. Your continued use of the visit is deemed accepting of the transfer of information outside the country where operationally necessary and while we intend to make every effort to keep information personal to the user secure and private, being transferred over the internet means that it remains impossible to be 100% secure from outside influence such as hackers or other ill-intended, illegal or intrusive forces.

This also means that we cannot shield you from the liability that comes with the transferring of information or personal data that may occur from unauthorized access, technical errors or other means of which we have no control.

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