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Want to get in touch? Make sure to use one of our e-mails below or simply drop us a message in the form on this page. You are free to approach us with any topic in mind. Recommend us a story or request an article about an event you find interesting. We are here to help out. If you want to request correction, refer to our dedicated page instead.

Are you interested in writing for us? We would love to get a copy of your CV. Make sure to drop us a line at [email protected]. Tell us what industry you want to cover and we will get back to you promptly.

If you already have a portfolio, feel free to attach sample stories, but in any other case, we are willing to give any individual with substantial background knowledge a fair chance to become a full-time member of our editorial team.

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POC: Darcy Lancelot


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    Darcy isn’t your typical bookworm. She loves to read, but there’s adventure in her life, too. As she would put it – words and play, makes for much to say. Our Darcy is a poet and a gaming journalist. She has a tight grasp of on the latest regulatory developments not only in her home in Italy, but all across Europe. Darcy is our go-to person when we need to make sense of local regulation across Europe and neighbouring regions.