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  • Bingo Games Online Guide

    Looking for the perfect casino to play bingo games online? You’ve come to the right place – Here you’ll find the best online casino sites that offers handsome bonuses, fantastic gameplay and most importantly, the highest payout rates so you know you have the highest chance of winning by playing at any of these top casinos. No matter if you’re a beginner or a veteran to the world of online bingo, read on to learn the basics and special tips to help you become a pro in no time!

    Our Recommended Online Bingo Casino Sites

  • The following casinos are compatible on: ALL MOBILE AND DESKTOP DEVICES

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    888 Casino £100
    Welcome Bonus
    •   Top UK Casino
    •   Huge Casino Network
    •   Various Deposit Options
    UK Playable
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    Betway Casino £1000
    +20 Free Spins
    •   Best Quality Visuals
    •   Top Bonuses
    •   Stable Platform
    UK Playable
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    Hippodrome Casino £1000
    Welcome Bonus
    •   Live Casino Games
    •   Regular Tournaments
    •   24/7 Live Support
    UK Playable
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    Royal Panda Casino £100
    +10 Free Spins
    •   Loyalty Program
    •   200+ Casino Games
    •   Frequent Promotions
    UK Playable
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    Grosvenor Casinos £20
    100% Deposit Bonus
    •   Trusted and Secure
    •   Generous Bonuses
    •   Excellent Game Range
    UK Playable
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  • How to Play Bingo Online

    Playing bingo games online is easy and the rules are far from complicated. You choose a game to play and then receive a virtual card containing numbers in a grid. The draw begins and numbers are called. You can mark these off your card yourself or have it done for you automatically.

    There can be winnings for the first line, all four corners and always the full house – every number on your card. Once a prize has been won the game stops and then continues until the next prize is won. A full house ends the game.

    Bing Games Online Variants

    If you want to play bingo games online, the first thing you’ll need to decide which of the variant you wish to play. The game of bingo is fundamentally the same whichever version you choose, but there are some slight variations. Some have fewer or more numbers with smaller or bigger cards. Some have prizes for things which others do not and some might have larger cash prizes for various wins. Here are the main versions of online bingo for real money:

    30 Ball Bingo

    This is a fast, quick fix version of the game and you need to be on your toes. As the name suggests there are only 30 numbers in the game. Players have a card set out in a 3 x 3 grid and there is only a full house prize.

    75 US Bingo

    This is the most popular version of online bingo you will find and it is available on pretty much every casino site which offers online bingo. Played all over the world, it is also known by the names 75 Pattern Bingo and 75 Variant Bingo. There are three wins per game, one line, the pattern and the coverall (full house).

    75 UK Bingo

    This version of bingo online is very similar to 75 US Bingo with some minor differences. Players have a 5 x 5 card of numbers, but there can be more prizes in some games. There can be four line prizes occasionally, but there is always the full house.

    80 Ball Bingo

    This variation of online bingo for real money is also called Speed Bingo due to its fast game play and suits seasoned veterans of the game rather than newcomers to online bingo. Numbers are arranged in a 4 x 4 grid and there are line and full house payouts.

    90 Ball Bingo

    This is the long game of bingo. With 90 numbers that can be drawn, each player has a card with 3 row of 5 numbers and 9 columns. There are wins for one line, two lines and the full house.

    Joker Bingo

    This is quite an unconventional version of the game and uses playing cards as opposed to numbers arranged in a 3 x 3 grid. There are two prizes, one for ‘bingo’ on the letter J and one for a full house.

    You’ll find that there are also themed bingo games online, some based on TV shows for example, that are available at various online casinos.

    Bingo Online Strategy and Tips

    In a game of chance, it is difficult to give yourself an edge, but it isn’t impossible in bingo games online. Playing large games with huge jackpots is very tempting, but due to the high volume of players these games attract your chances of winning are minimized. Try playing smaller games. You won’t win as much, but you should win more often.

    Another way to increase your chances is to play multiple cards in the same game. It’s exactly like buying more than one lottery ticket and will give you a small advantage over those who play just once on a game.


    Is it expensive to play bingo games online for money?

    It doesn’t have to be. As with poker and other games there are high and low stakes games.

    Is online bingo safe?

    As long as you check that the site has the proper license for gambling and is regulated then it’s safe.

    How do I call ‘bingo’ or ‘house’ during an online bingo game?

    That’s easy, the game does it automatically for you.