Massachusetts Gaming Commission Exploring the Future of Online Casino Gaming and AI

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A bold investigation into the effects of iGaming and AI use in the gambling sector has been launched by the Massachusetts Gaming Commission, which anticipates an exciting future for gambling. The state’s gaming scene is always changing, so this is only one step in an ongoing effort to keep up.

Since former Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick legalized casinos in 2011, the state’s gaming scene has grown substantially. The expansion was additionally driven by the support of Governor Charlie Baker for the legalization of sports betting. Governor Maura Healey is now lobbying for the inclusion of online lottery (iLottery) offers, which is a proposal that has been approved by the House of Representatives but has traditionally been fought by the state Senate.

Therefore, a study might just be what is required to propel more interest and goodwill.

What The Study Is About

The commission put out two RFPs this month to grasp the bigger picture. Gaming commissioners have given their approval to these research goals, which highlight the commission’s dual duty of encouraging a thriving gambling business while limiting potential harm linked to compulsive gambling products.

These research priorities were submitted by the Gaming Policy Advisory Council which has been monumental in defining the state’s gambling policies.

In one RFP, a thorough investigation of the effects of iGaming on public health is the core issue. As part of this, they will compare iGaming players to those who engage in other types of gaming, look at the link between iGaming and problem gambling, and assess the impact on Massachusetts young people under the age of 25.

Additionally, there is an RFP that looks into the present and potential uses of AI in the gaming industry, focused on marketing strategies, attracting new players, and features that promote responsible gaming. Although AI is neutral in and of itself, the panel stresses that ethical issues must be factored in when using the technology. That said, engaging stakeholders will be a key component of this study to identify and reduce the dangers associated with AI, with a focus on problem gambling.

Huge Impact, Modest Investment

Noting the dramatic increase in sports betting since 2018 and the growing influence of iGaming in the United States, Mark Vander Linden, director of research and responsible gaming for the commission, stressed that the goal of their research agenda is to anticipate and prevent such problems. Budgeted at $75,000 per, the studies are more modest than the $100,000 to $150,000 average of comparable studies.

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