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Keno Online Guide

best recommended keno sites
Interested in Keno but don’t know exactly where or how to start? This guide is perfect for you! You’ll find a list of the best online casinos that not only offer this fun game, but also give you the best chance of winning on top of giving you plenty of free bonuses to help you win even more! This guide will also explain the basics of the Keno along with some special tips so that you can be on your way to becoming a pro in no time at all.

Our Recommended Keno Online Casino Sites

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Online Keno Rules

Playing online keno for real money is pretty straightforward. There is no mystery to it really as it is a total game of chance.

The keno board itself has 80 numbers and you can choose the numbers you wish to play, up to a usual maximum of 15 of the 20 which will be drawn, although most online keno games have a quick pick function which will choose numbers for you if you wish. The maximum might be 15, but the minimum can be as low as one single number, although in most versions of keno online the minimum total numbers you play is two.

As a lottery on demand kind of game, you can choose when to play. Online keno is a single player game and as soon as you want to play you can, any time of day or night. There are now scheduled draw times like you would find in land based casinos.

Keno Variants

Keno exists in just the one format, choose from 80 numbers. Even though it was originally 120 numbers it was trimmed down to make it more playable. That being said, most sites which offer online keno for real money have different ways of entertaining players.

A basic online keno game will just involve a grid of numbers with your chosen numbers marked on it. There will then be a draw and the drawn numbers will be highlighted on the grid in a different colour, showing you which of yours have been drawn.

To increase enjoyment many casinos have versions of keno where the game is animated or with different features. It is worth shopping around at different casinos to see which keno games they offer and if they give you free plays or bonus money for playing online keno with them.

The main variation in a game of keno is one you control yourself and that is how many numbers you wish to play. This changes the excitement and potential payouts of a game.

How to Play Keno Online

There is no expert knowledge required to play keno online. If you can play the lottery, you can play keno.

The game is presented in a way which is very easy to understand and you’ll see an online keno card and a pay-table and a button for starting the game. The card consists of the numbers 1 through 80 and these are the ones from which you must choose up to 15 before a draw of 20 numbers is made. You decide how many numbers to play (some online keno sites allow one, but usually two is the minimum) and you don’t need to catch all numbers in order to win.

Payouts are percentage based, so for example you will win more for catching 6 when you choose 6 (typically 1800 x your bet) than you would for catching 6 out of 14 chosen (typically 2 x your bet).

Choosing stake, selecting numbers and hitting start is all you need to do in order to play and with quick pick you don’t even need to choose your own numbers. The draw happens automatically and checks your numbers for you. Any winnings are paid out swiftly and you can play again immediately if you wish.

Strategy and Tips – Online Keno for Real Money

Forming any kind of winning strategy in online keno, a totally random numbers game, is difficult but not impossible. People who advise you to play the same numbers each time are wrong as with it being totally random there is no number which has a lesser or greater chance of being drawn. However, you can give yourself a better chance depending on the type of bet you make. Don’t go for something with a ridiculously high payout or an incredibly low one. Choosing 15 numbers is not a great idea as catching all 15 is incredibly unlikely. The same with 1 or 2 – it’s likely and has a poor payout. Most seasoned players only choose 5 or 6 numbers when playing keno online which can give the best and most regular payout possibilities.


Can I increase my chances by picking certain numbers?

Not really. Online keno is a totally random game and while there may be occasional “streaks” for a number, there is no mathematical evidence to favour any particular number.

What is the risk of playing online keno for real money?

The risk is the same with all forms of gambling but as long as the casino is licensed and regulated it is very safe to play there.

Where can I play online keno games?

Most online casinos, including those listed on this page, offer online keno games.