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Best Online Keno Casinos For 2024

best recommended keno sites

Keno is at its core a simple variant of the lottery, which is one of the most popular sources of betting at both land-based and online casinos. The popularity of Keno basically lies on three very important factors. There is the game’s unmatched simplicity, the fun it offers as well as the very high potential profits. Thanks to the top-rated online casinos, online gamblers can now experience the thrill and excitement that comes with this amazing game.

Our recommended list of the best Keno sites as of May 2024:

$5000 Bonus Wild Casino
5 / 5
Before You Play Play Now Terms & Conditions apply
200% up to $1,000
5 / 5
Before You Play Play Now Terms & Conditions apply
100% up to $1000 Fair Go Casino
4.9 / 5
Before You Play Play Now Terms & Conditions apply
$3000 in Bonuses Ignition Casino
4.8 / 5
Before You Play Play Now Terms & Conditions apply
100% up to $3000 BetOnline Casino
4.6 / 5
Before You Play Play Now Terms & Conditions apply
Up to $5500 in Bonuses BoVegas Casino
4.5 / 5
Before You Play Play Now Terms & Conditions apply

While playing at a physical casino is still great fun and definitely a memorable experience, playing Keno online is accompanied by a lot of perks. These include:

  • Amazing bonus features and promotions at the top online Keno casinos.
  • Gaming from wherever you are via mobile.
  • A plethora of different online Keno titles are available for players to choose from.
  • Flexibility in choosing the gameplay type.

Keeping all that in mind, if this lottery-style online game tickles your fancy then you have come to the right place. Not only will this guide breakdown the most important aspects of the game but we will also help you draft an excellent Keno strategy through handy tips and tricks

How To Find The Best Keno Online Casinos

how to find the best keno online casinos

There is currently a plethora of casino websites where gamblers can catch some online Keno action but it goes without saying that some of these websites are way better than the others. As such, the process of finding an outstanding Keno online site can be very daunting especially if you do not know what you should be looking for. To that effect, our team of online casino and Keno experts have narrowed down the list of possibilities to some of the top-rated websites where you are assured of nothing short of the best gaming experience.

The criteria used by our experts to recommend great casinos is based on the following:

  • Safety and security features employed by the Keno online casino.
  • The selection of online Keno games available on the website.
  • Optimized cross-platform gameplay on both desktop and mobile.
  • The range of payment options that players can use.
  • Bonus features and promotions.

In case you are looking to quickly get started at an online Keno game, all that you need to do is read one of our casino reviews and pick one that has all the features that you are looking for. In case you are looking to take it to the next level and shop around for an online casino by yourself. You can never get things wrong if you keep an eye out for the aforementioned criteria.

Picking The Right Online Keno Title For You

One of the best things about playing Keno online is the fact that, unlike in land-based or physical casinos, online casinos have a wide range of variants for players to choose from. In land-based casinos, players will have to settle for whatever is available but this is not the case when it comes to online casinos. As mentioned earlier, Keno is a pretty popular game which means there is a decent number of variations of the game available.

Some notable variants of the game include Monkey Keno, Keno Blast, Keno Lab, Keno Deluxe, Video Keno, Disco Keno, and Kenotronic.

Getting Started With Online Keno

All typical Keno variants will consist of a Keno card, a paytable, and some buttons. When it comes to online Keno, each variant will have a unique feature that makes it stand out among all the rest. However, the common elements remain the same regardless of the title you chose to go with and knowing these elements makes it much easier to play any variant or switch to a totally different one.

  • Keno Card – This is essentially a giant grid of numbers 1 through 80. A typical online Keno title will have eight rows of 10 numbers each.
  • Quick Pick – With this online Keno feature, players do not have to select the numbers on their own since the Quick Pick button has a system that is designed to do that for them.
  • Pay Table – This shows the Keno player what the payout will be for a number of catches that they make. Keno pays out if the percentage of the numbers you hit is high instead of when you hit more numbers.

Choosing The Right Online Keno Ticket For You

There are several different kinds of Keno tickets that players can opt for and each of these tickets will affect how the game will play out. Putting that into consideration, the choice of a Keno ticket is very important as it not only ensures that you fully enjoy the game but also makes it more likely for you to win. The types of tickets that you will be able to choose from include:

Straight Tickets

keno straight tickets

This is the standard way to play where the players pick however many numbers they want to bet on after which they receive the results at the end of one game. It is quite fast-paced, unlike other games.

Way Tickets

keno way tickets

Here, players can have several different selections of numbers and not only are they cheaper to buy but they also allow for different groupings or number amounts. Furthermore, there are no limits to the number of selections that a player can make.

Split Tickets

keno split tickets

These tickets are essentially a combination of more than one straight bet, that is, it plays and pays the same as if you had marked straight bet on two separate tickets. It, however, does not allow players to use the same numbers on both of a player’s straight bets and this might be a disadvantage to some gamblers.

Combination Tickets

keno combination tickets

As its name suggests, this type of ticket allows a player to bet in different ways on the same ticket. For such a ticket, the player pays for each of the combinations that they may choose to make.

King Number Ticket

king number ticket

For this type of bet or ticket, there will be one number that is referred to as a king number that is added to all of a player’s other groupings of numbers. This king number can also play as one sport by itself.

Basic Rules To Keep In Mind

Online Keno is an extremely simple game to play but just like many other games, there are some rules that players have to keep in mind when starting out. Not only does understanding these rules make it easier for players to enjoy the game to the fullest, but it also boosts one’s chances of success.

Fortunately, even these Keno rules are quite easy to commit to memory. Learning all of them will take no time and even though different variants might have slightly different rules, there a few that cut across all popular variants. The most notable ones are:

  • The online Keno board has a total of 80 numbers, but players cannot check off all of them. How many numbers a player can check off will be dependent on the online casino you will be playing with the total number ranging between 15 and 20.
  • Players are required to play at least two numbers in most casinos even though there are a few online casinos that may allow them to play even a single number.

How To Play Online Keno

Once you have acquainted yourself with all of the rules that govern the game, you can proceed to the actual gameplay which is also just as straightforward. It begins with the players choosing a set of numbers on a ticket – the amount of numbers that a player can pick will depend on the game you are playing. This amount typically ranges between 1 to 15 or 2 to 10.

online keno card explained

Next, a group of 20 winning numbers will be drawn by the RNG (Random Number Generator) from the 80 possible numbers. When playing Keno online, this happens at intervals of just a few seconds.

Once the 20 winning numbers are drawn, the Keno game will then pay-out depending on the numbers marked on the player’s slip that match the winning numbers that were drawn by the RNG. These matching numbers are referred to as the player’s “catches”. That’s it! You can still keep playing if you want to. All you have to do is repeat the steps mentioned above.

Progressive Jackpot Online Keno

Being a lottery-style game, online Keno is one of the few casino games that offer lottery-sized jackpots to its players. This is however up to the online casinos that you find since not all of them offer Progressive payout games. If you find a great casino that offers this type of game, then you are in luck simply because participating in one of them could set you up for the opportunity to win millions in cash prizes.

Playing Online Keno On Mobile

Needless to say, mobile gaming is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the online gambling industry and it is here to stay. Modern gamers are attracted to the convenience of being able to access their favorite online games from wherever they may be. Thankfully, most of the top-rated online casinos have multiple variants of online Keno that are optimized for mobile devices and this makes gaming on-the-go a delightful and satisfying experience for every kind of player. With their amazing mobile-optimized online casino apps, these operators make sure that you keep coming back for more.

Get More Value Through Bonuses And Promotions

Keno happens to be one of the few online games that will clear bonus wagering requirements 100 percent at online Keno sites. These bonuses are usually awarded in the form of a matched deposit which means that, up to a given limit, the more you deposit the more deposit bonuses you receive. At all the top-rated online Keno sites, the wagering requirements are also quite reasonable, and this makes it much easier for the player to enjoy the real value of their bonuses.

In addition to the bonuses, online Keno sites also offer lucrative promotions that offer even much more value to the players. If you are playing the game for the prize instead of just having fun, you should always make sure that you take advantage of the bonuses and promotions simply because of the fact that they will significantly increase your chances of bagging some tasty profits. Casual online Keno players can also get longer periods of fun and exciting gameplay by utilizing the bonuses and promotions.

First off, it is important to remember that numbers that are generated by the RNG in online Keno are completely random. Any player’s chances of winning Keno are therefore mostly dependent on luck and this is what makes the game so exciting to play. As such, there is no real strategy that will assure you of a win when the numbers are drawn in online Keno since it is 100 percent based on how lucky you are.

However, the lack of an elaborate strategy does not mean that there is nothing else that you can’t do to tip the scales in your favor. It might be purely a game of chance but there are a few tips that could potentially help you get the best out of the gaming experience. Some of the best tips in this regard are:

Look For Value

Needless to say, not all online casinos are built the same way and when it comes to online Keno. There are sites that will offer better returns on certain plays. The casino you should go for should offer better odds focusing the kind of plays which you are interested in making. While the real probabilities in online Keno remain the same across all sites, the ones that offer better odds are capable of creating more value for winning players.

Keep An Eye Out For Bonuses And Promotions

As mentioned earlier, online Keno sites feature lots of bonuses and promotions for their customers to enjoy. That said, to get the best out of the game, it is always best to go for the site that offers the best bonuses and promotions. Just make sure you read the fine print and confirm the playthrough requirements before you dive in.

Look For The Best Payouts

Payouts in online Keno vary with some games having very different payouts for the same number of groupings than a different variant of Keno. As such, it is always important to go through the possible payouts before you decide on the game you want to settle on. Thankfully, there are a plethora of online Keno sites that offer free practice games that are not only great for casual players who do not want to risk any money but also help real money players to preview the wager costs and payouts.

Want To Win Big? Consider Playing Progressive Online Keno

Progressive games are always exciting to play regardless of the casino games you are playing. When it comes to online Keno, the thrill and excitement go a notch higher since there is the opportunity of winning a huge jackpot – they offer some of the highest-paying options.


All things considered, online Keno is a fantastic lottery-style game that guarantees players lots of fun and excitement as well as huge payouts if they are lucky enough. Finding a game that offers all that and is still very easy to learn is almost impossible and this is exactly why Keno is so popular among both casual gamers as well as real money punters. Does it get any better than that?

Frequently Asked Questions

✔️ Can I Increase My Chances By Picking Certain Numbers?

Not really. Online keno is a totally random game and while there may be occasional “streaks” for a number, there is no mathematical evidence to favour any particular number.

✔️ What Is The Risk Of Playing Online Keno For Real Money?

Keno is one of the games with the greatest difference in payout percentages, which may vary between 4% and 35%, depending on the game. Generally, most non-slot games have around 3% house edge, which makes Keno a challenging game. In 2019, the average return rate for Keno was between 88.17% and 93.52%.

✔️ How Volatile Is Keno?

There can be as much as 40% difference in the volatility of one Keno version to the next, which will directly affect your winning potential

✔️ Can You Hit All 20 Numbers In Keno?

No. The probability of this happening is 1 in 3,535,316,142,212,180,000 which makes it pretty unlikely. To put things in perspective, if 5 billion people decided to play Keno once a week, it would take 13.56 million years to have the first 20-number winner in Keno.

✔️ Is Playing Online Keno For Real Money Safe?

Playing online Keno for real money is completely safe. Just like with any other form of gambling, you need to choose a regulated casino with established track record and a license from a respected governing body, such as the UK Gambling Commission, Malta Gaming Authority, Spelinspektionen, Curacao, Panama, the Kahnawake Commission, or any other.

✔️ Can I Beat The House With A Keno Strategy?

No. Keno is one of the games that relies on pure chance most. You may not implement any strategy or betting system that would allow you to reduce the house edge.

✔️ What’s The Keno House Edge?

Keno has one of the steepest house edges ranging between 7% and up to 40%. Yet, there are some variants where the inherent casino advantage drops down to around 5% and 10%, but you will need to look for them specifically. In general, Keno is a high volatility game, which means that you can stake as little as $1 and win upward of $10,000. Comparing to other games, Keno definitely doesn’t seem as tempting. In online blackjack, for example, the house edge is merely 0.28%, and roulette can push the edge between 1.65% and 2.70%, once again depending on the version.

✔️ Are There Live Keno Games At Casinos?

Yes, live keno games are available at online casinos by established developers as Evolution Gaming and Ezugi. Most commonly, you will have an opportunity to enjoy video keno instead. The video version is slightly quicker and it may be a better fit for players who would just focus on the gameplay rather than being kept company by a live dealer.

✔️ Does It Make Sense To Know The Odds In A Game Of Keno?

No, Keno is a game that relies purely on chance. There aren’t any cheat sheets to help you know what numbers to bet on and one combination is good as the next. Many analysts have crunched the numbers to arrive at the same conclusion – there are no reliable strategies. Interestingly, mathematicians have said that Keno has about the same odds as the slots. However, slots stand out with their low volatility and an opportunity to land a big win and withdraw early in the game.

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