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Top Online Roulette Sites For 2024

best casinos sites for roulette

Looking for your daily fix of casino roulette? We’ve listed the best online roulette casino sites below which are bound to leap from your chair with excitement. If you’re new to casino roulette, be sure to read on to learn the basics of the game and pick up some exclusive tips to help you win. We’ll also point you in the direction of the top casinos that offer great gameplay and generous bonuses so you’re guaranteed to have a great experience when you play roulette online.

Our recommended list of the best sites for online Roulette as of June 2024:

$5000 Bonus Wild Casino
5 / 5
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200% up to $1,000
5 / 5
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150% up to $3000 Las Vegas USA
4.9 / 5
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100% up to $1000 Fair Go Casino
4.9 / 5
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$3000 in Bonuses Ignition Casino
4.8 / 5
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100% up to $3000 BetOnline Casino
4.6 / 5
Before You Play Play Now Terms & Conditions apply

Finding The Best Bonuses To Play Roulette Online

When you play roulette online, you’ll find a great collection of bonuses and promotions to take advantage of. Online casino operators are keen on rewarding players, so you should never come across a shortage of offers that allow you to claim extra cash.

Match Bonuses

When you sign up to a site to play roulette online, you’ll encounter a welcome bonus, where the operator will match your first deposit by 100%, 200% or 300%. As soon as you make your deposit, the extra money will be credited to your account.

The other type of match bonus is called a “reload” bonus. This type of offer usually provides you with a small match of 25% to 75%, and it is available only to existing players rather than new players. You’ll be able to find reload bonuses on certain days of the week, so be sure to mark your calendar.

No Deposit Bonuses

In some special instances, no deposit bonuses will be available. These types of bonuses allow you to claim bonus cash without having to deposit anything, and they tend to be paid out to new players after registration.

When you claim a no deposit bonus, it’s unlikely to be worth more than $10 – but, it still gets you off to a good start. You can use your bonus however you like, so you can try out some different roulette variations or every experiment with betting strategies at low stakes.

Loyalty Programs

Whether you’re a frequent player of online roulette or you only like to dabble occasionally, it’s always worth it to sign up to your online casino’s loyalty program. As you play your favorite casino games, you’ll be able to earn points that can be redeemed for cash or bonuses. On certain days of the week, you can earn double points and there are even exclusive promotions that you can take part in only if you’re a member of the loyalty club.

Never Miss Out On An Online Roulette Bonus

You should regularly check your online casino’s Promotions or Bonuses page to find out what offers you can take advantage of, but that isn’t the only way to stay up-to-date. You should also sign up to their e-mail newsletter or opt-in to text notifications that will let you know about any upcoming promotions.

Social media also has the potential to provide you with access to exclusive bonuses. So, don’t forget to follow your online casino on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

How To Play Online Roulette

If you’re going to play roulette online, you need to know the basics. Firstly, you have to choose a number from 1-36, a combination of numbers or one of the other bets, often referred to as ‘outside bets’, including red or black, and odd or even.

Bets are placed by placing your chips on the relevant part of the online roulette board and can be placed before the wheel starts to spin and even after it begins spinning. You must stake before you hear the dealer say, “no more bets”.

Placing Your Bets

All of the best online roulette games are easy to play and placing a bet is relatively simple. You don’t really need any prior gambling knowledge to start playing roulette.

You move your chips to the part of the board which indicates the number, combination of numbers or other bets you will place. Everything is clearly marked which helps players as the gameplay in online roulette is fast – much faster than real casino roulette.

roulette strategy

You will need to decide how much to stake. Individual numbers often have a minimum stake of $1 whereas ‘outside bets’ such as red or black, and odd or even generally have a higher minimum stake, although this can be as low as $5.

  1. Any number (including 0 and 00) pays 35:1
  2. 0 and 00 or any two adjoining numbers pays 17:1
  3. Any three numbers pays 11:1
  4. Any block of four numbers pays 8:1
  5. 0, 00, 1, 2, and 3 pays 2:1
  6. Column or dozen bet pays 2:1
  7. Red or black, odd or even, 1-18 or 19-36 all pay 1:1

There is a house advantage with all of these bets, the true odds of choosing one of the 38 numbers (1-36 plus 0 and 00) being 38:1 and the true odds of red or black being slightly greater than 1:1 because of the presence of the green 0 and 00.

Placing bets on individual numbers or outside bets is very clear, but how do you back two numbers? One way is to place a chip on both numbers. The other is to place your chip so that is exactly half on each of two adjoining numbers on the roulette board. The same principal can be applied to four numbers.

Once all your online roulette bets have been placed and the dealer releases the ball, you just have to wait to see where it stops. Roulette online is as exciting as its real-life counterpart and once the winning number is announced a marker will appear on the board and all relevant winning bets will be settled. Any chips from losing bets will be taken by the casino.

Online Roulette Variations

Besides blackjack, roulette is one of the most diverse casino table games that you’ll find in the online casino world. There is a wide range of games to choose from, each with their own rules and payouts so you can experience all sorts of great gameplay features while playing this popular casino game.

American Vs European Vs French Roulette

When you play roulette online, every version will be some variant of European, American or French roulette. The differences between these three games is actually pretty negligible, though.

differences between american vs european vs french roulette layouts

Free Roulette Reference Chart

Download a free roulette tables guide below: Download roulette-chart.png

European and French Roulette are basically the same game, except the layout of the table is different and French Roulette has a rule where you receive even-money even on losing wagers if the ball lands on zero. American Roulette is similar to these two games, as well, except there is an extra zero (which is why the game is sometimes referred to as Double Zero Roulette).

Lightning Roulette

This is a live dealer variation that is exclusive to Evolution Game, which adds extra payouts each round. After all players have placed their bets, lucky numbers are displayed on the screen which provide players with payouts ranging from 50x to 500x.

Double Ball Roulette

Played with classic European Roulette rules, this variation simply adds another ball to the game. All of the bets are the same, with the exception of two new wagers. If both balls land on the same number, your payout with be 35:1. If you manage to specify where both balls will land with the exact number you’ll receive a 1200:1 prize.

Pinball Roulette

Pinball Roulette mixes everything up while keeping the general notion of roulette the same. You’ll be able to place all of the same wagers as you can in a game of European roulette. However, the ball doesn’t spin around on a wheel; it is shot through a digital pinball machine. It will eventually land in one of the pockets at the bottom of the screen, and your payout will be determined.

Multi-wheel Roulette

This game is exactly what you would expect when you hear its name, as there are multiple wheels in play. You can wager on up to 8 wheels at once, but the wagers that you place will apply to all wheels meaning that you can’t place separate bets on different wheels.

Taking Advantage Of The Best Online Roulette Bonuses

If you’re going to play roulette online, it’s important that you do so with plenty of bonuses at your disposal. There are all sorts of different offers available, allowing you to add a little extra cash to your bankroll so you can bet bigger and have longer gaming sessions.

Online Roulette Strategies And Tips

If you’re new to online casino roulette you might want to stick to simple outside bets or single numbers while you get used to the speed of the game. More complicated double and quadruple number bets can be tried out as your gaming confidence improves.

Winning over time at roulette online is not impossible either. Every online roulette you play will show you the results of previous spins and can help identify possible streaks. Numbers from a similar part of the wheel might be favored or there might be more black than red numbers on which the ball has recently stopped. This information can help you make an informed decision regarding your bet.

Doubling up is a popular method used by heavy hitters when they play roulette online. Start with $5 on, for instance black, and if it loses double your stake. Keep doing this every time you lose and when black wins you will be $5 ahead and can drop back down to your original $5 stake.

Where You Can Play The Best Roulette Games Online

Now that you know everything that you need to know about online roulette, you probably want to give this game a spin – but, where can you do that? There are hundreds of sites available, which offer a wide range of ways to play roulette online with different variations and at a wide variety of stakes, but it’s important that you pick the best option:

Make Sure The Site Is Legit

You should always be on the lookout for a seal on the website that confirms the online casino has been vetted by an online gaming jurisdiction like Malta, Gibraltar or Curacao. Here, at, we go one step further by double-checking that sites do indeed have the license that they claim to have.

Is A Wide Range Of Roulette Variations Available?

If you want to play roulette online, it’s unlikely that you’re just going to stick with one variation. There’s so much choice out there – and, it’s a good idea to play at a site that gives you plenty of options. At, we’ve scoured the web to find you the sites with the best online roulette selection so you can mix things up whenever you want.

Ensure You Can Easily And Safely Make Transactions

You don’t want to send money to a site where you don’t feel safe, so it’s important that the site offers up a range of secure banking options. Credit cards, e-wallets and cryptocurrencies should be on the list of methods that they accept, and it’s important that you never play at an online casino that deals only in cash-based methods like Western Union.

Do They Offer Enough Bonuses?

Our expert gaming reviewers will let you know which sites offer up the best array of bonuses for roulette players. We only recommend the most generous sites with various options which include no deposit bonuses, reloads and prize draw giveaways.

Frequently Asked Questions

✔️ Is It A Good Idea To Play American Roulette?

American roulette can still be fun, but the house edge exceeds 5.00% making it one of the more challenging versions of the game. Yet, some players are used to the double-zero version and don’t mind sticking with it.

✔️ What Is The Best Roulette Version To Play?

Most players agree that European is the best possible version of the game you can play as it offers a house edge of around 2.70% To boost your chances of winning further, you can opt for French Roulette, which can be reduced to 1.60% or even 1.35% when the special bets are available.

✔️ Can I Play Online Roulette For Free?

Yes, a lot of casinos offer roulette online in practice or demo versions where you can play without risking any money.

✔️ Are There Bonuses For Online Roulette?

Many online casinos offer first deposit bonuses which can be used to play online roulette.

✔️ Can A Betting System Boost My Winnings?

No. A system cannot help you win in the long-term. It might help you recover a loss or win more once, but the likelihood of you incurring a huge loss that exceeds your original stake around 10 times is significant.

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