Esports Betting at Online Casinos on the Rise

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Thanks to the massive technological advancements that the human race has achieved over the past two decades or so, online gaming has been able to take advantage of a world of opportunities. Competitive video gaming otherwise referred to as esports, for instance, has evolved to become a global phenomenon that brings together millions of gamers and spectators. There are even more professional esports teams and they all get to battle it out for massive prizes at full-fledged esports stadiums. It could not get any better than that, or could it?

Naturally, the advent of esports to the global scene would definitely catch the attention of gambling operators. In fact, just like in other competitions, betting has already become a significant aspect of esports and there is no doubt that the future of the sector is still going to be in a similar situation. According to a number of betting and esports experts, the esports betting market is likely to near the $30 billion mark by 2020. This is not only proof that esports betting is becoming bigger and bigger but also an affirmation that esports betting definitely has a bright future.

Unsurprisingly, a decent number of online casinos are already extending their portfolios by incorporating esports betting on their platforms. It is pretty easy to see how this will work especially with regards to the league’s and tournaments which are part and parcel of esports culture. There are literally hundreds of these esports tournaments and many of the main ones are already included in some of the online casinos that are currently offering esports betting services. Some great examples include the Evolution Championship Series, Capcom Pro Tour, Eleague, Dota 2 International, Intel Extreme Masters, Call of Duty Championships, Halo World Championships and the Major League Gaming among others.

Will It Last?

Yes, it certainly will. All things considered, esports betting is very similar to any other form of sports betting – to succeed in it, bettors may need to apply many of the same principles that they apply when it comes to betting on mainstream sporting activities. This basically means that they will have to do their homework and learn all that there is to know about the game that they are betting on.

If you already have a passion for competitive video gaming or video games in general, you should be more than ready to get your esports betting bug going. Needless to say, esports is already skyrocketing and there will be way more options to choose from as more online betting platforms continue to open up to the idea.

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