Russia Can’t Block YouTube Ads

It seems Russia is in the news regarding YouTube in two different ways. The US says it found Russian ads on YouTube, and other platforms. However, back in February Russia wanted to stop gambling ads being run on YouTube channels. It is okay for the Russia ads to run on YouTube, but they want to […]

Quarter One Mixed Results for Melco Resorts

Several gambling locations are reporting better than expected quarter one results like the Macau gross gaming revenue and Bloomberry. However, Melco Resorts is reporting mixed results. Melco Resorts and Entertainment reports to the NASDAQ and their financial data for quarter one is not as hopeful as they want it to be due to some ups […]

Bloomberry Revenue up Despite Jeju Issues

Bloomberry Resorts Corporation is a Philippines based casino operator. The company has gained this last year, with doubling their 2016 income. Solaire Resort and Casino show the best year ever in 2017. However, South Korean operations are not showing any improvement. South Korean income down despite contradictory news. Many are still blaming the Chinese tourism […]

Total Revenue for Danish Casinos Jumping by 7% Each Year

If ever there was a place to open up a gambling platform, Denmark seems to be the spot. The Danish Gambling Annuity or DGA has just shared the total revenue earned for all gambling-related earnings and the number is up by 7% across the entire board for the final quarter of 2017. This revenue spike […]

2102-New Zealand Pokie Players Spent 91M on Lottery in 2017-410.doc

Well, it seems that the local residents out in New Zealand just could not resist the beguiling promise of the lottery jackpot in the past year. The Stuff shared that everyday citizens like you and me throughout New Zealand dipped into their budgets to spend more than NZ$125 million or US$91 million. The Department of […]