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The Stars Group Testing New VR Poker Product


Virtual reality poker is about to be the next big thing in the online poker world. Recently, The Stars Group announced that its new PokerVR product is undergoing testing, and will soon be available to public – allowing poker players to engage in cash games in tournament in a completely virtual setting.

About PokerVR

The new PokerVR product is the first time that a gaming operator has paired online poker with virtual reality technology. To develop this system, The Stars Group has teamed up with Lucky VR – who is well-known in the online gaming market for creating the Slots Million virtual reality casino. Together, they have created VR online poker rooms that provide players with chance to experience their favorite game in a brand-new way.

Various different virtual settings will be available, such as a yacht in Monte Carlo or Macau in 2050. Players will be able to go head-to-head with other players, interacting in real-time with their online avatars. They can dress up their players however they like and engage with players in unique ways, such as buying them drinks or having food fights. Mascots are also available, and you can even have a cigar-smoking llama sat beside you at the poker table.

Virtual Reality Across the Gaming Market

For several years now, gaming developers have been working hard to bring innovative and exciting new virtual reality experiences to players. You can find a huge ranges of VR games available, from puzzle games to shooters. Many developers have even recreated their most popular titles into virtual reality games, including Job Simulator, DOOM and The Elder Scrolls.

Even slots developers have ventured into the world online virtual reality. Recently, NetEnt debuted VR versions of Jack & the Beanstalk and Gonzo’s Quest. Both games are designed to immerse players in exciting innovative worlds while vying for the chance to win generous jackpots. Per Eriksson, CEO of NetEnt says:

“We firmly believe that VR has a given place in the future of online gaming, based on our research and the trends that we monitor. We remain focused on delivering the ultimate entertainment experience by taking this first step towards developing our first real-money VR slot. This is a milestone for NetEnt and the gaming industry.”

It will be interesting to see how far virtual reality will spread in the online casino world. With slots and poker developers already working with VR technologies, we wonder if live dealer games will also begin to experiment with virtual reality. This is definitely an exciting time in the online gambling market, and we can’t wait to see what kind of innovative new products are presented to players.

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