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Skill-Based Casino Games Introduced At New Mexico Casino


It has been quite some time since the conversation about skill-based casino games was started, and we’re finally beginning to see some progress. Recently, the Route 66 Casino in New Mexico has become one of the first venues to provide players with the chance to play games of skill for cash prizes.

The TriStation Gaming Machine

Players at Route 66 Casino will be able to play skill-based games using the TriStation Gaming machine. There are six different games available on the machine, each one with its own unique twist that provides players with an exciting and engaging online gaming experience.

  • Deal or No Deal Poker: players must build the best hand possible by choosing brief cases and negotiating with the banker
  • Into the Dead: a zombie action game that has over 77 million downloads
  • Catapult King: players must launch shots to hit knights
  • Lucky Words: a game where players form words out of chain letters
  • Match 3volution: a match-three puzzle game
  • Smoothie Blast: another match-three game

Normally, you would only be able to play these type of games from your mobile phone or at an arcade for points or play-money – but Route 66 allows you to earn cash prizes. If you’re successful while playing any of the above titles, you’ll be able to cash in on some generous payouts.

Players are able to wager anywhere from 50c to $10 per game. As such, a wide range of players will be able to access these games and enjoy themselves while sticking to their budgets. Prizes are paid out similar to slots games, as a multiple of their wager. Some games offer up prizes worth 300x the player’s stake.

This is an experience that casino players are not yet used to. Previously, the only digital games available at gaming venue were slots, and now players have a whole new way to earn cash prizes while taking part in unique action-based titles.

Almost a Year of Skill-Based Casino Gaming

Skilled based casino games were first-introduced to Las Vegas casinos in November 2017. It has been almost a year since they made their debut, and players have been thrilled with their experience so far. The response to the TriStation gaming machine has been so positive that it’s no wonder it is now being offered in casinos outside of America’s gambling capital.

It will be interesting to see where skill-based casino games pop up next. It is likely that even more land-based casinos will pick up on this trend, but it will probably be a while until skill-based games are available online.

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