RubyPlay Crowned for Best Online Casino Game at BFTH Arena Awards

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Immortal Ways: Mr. First, developed by the innovative B2B iGaming firm RubyPlay, won the prestigious Best Online Casino Game award at BetConstruct’s BFTH Arena Awards. Competing against big names in the business, the game beat them all to win both the prestigious BFTH Arena Favourite title and the prestigious Best Online Casino Game award. It stole the show among online betting fans with the award being a testament to its popularity.

With the help of BetConstruct’s renowned AI-generated industry expert, Immortal Ways: Mr. First has been dominating the scene since its introduction, demonstrating how impressive RubyPlay’s Immortal Ways feature is at capturing the attention of a wide variety of players.

This success further demonstrates how the Immortal Ways series has pushed RubyPlay’s incredible development and performance over the last year. On top of a meteoric rise in advertising, the franchise has broken all previous records for player engagement and retention.

“We’re extremely grateful to BetConstruct for giving us the capacity to showcase RubyPlay’s excellence in every aspect, from conception to delivery of the title. The process was extremely enjoyable for the entire team and we’re delighted that our efforts paid off. This is a momentous occasion for us and we’re confident that 2024 will see us grow and succeed even further.”

Dr. Eyal Loz, CPO of RubyPlay

The BFTH Arena Awards, hosted by BetConstruct, is a shining example of the best in gaming innovation and originality. A distinguished team of judges, together with the event’s end users, choose the best games for the event. Held at the Harmony Meetup in Armenia, the occasion brought together top gaming providers to commemorate the year’s most remarkable games’ greatest accomplishments.

RubyPlays’ Ambitions

RubyPlay has also recently entered the Italian market through an extended collaboration with PokerStars. The collaboration builds upon previous achievements, which include popular games such as Diamond Explosion 7s and Shake Shake Money Tree. As a result of this new deal, RubyPlay will continue to develop unique games for PokerStars, building on their success with the Immortal Ways series. This Italian venture further builds upon previous fruitful collaborations, including integrations with NetBet Italy and the Reevo aggregation platform.

Noting the company’s success with PokerStars and highlighting Italy as a crucial market for their broad content, Dr. Eyal Loz, RubyPlay’s Chief Product Officer, expressed delight in this development. Plans to debut in Romania and Spain are part of RubyPlay’s ongoing worldwide expansion strategy.

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