Playtech Announces Native-First Product Line for App Store

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Renowned online gaming solutions provider Playtech has recently announced that it will be adding a new line of iOS native products to its portfolio. This move is in response to Apple’s recent decision to change some of its guidelines in relation to the publication of gambling apps in the App Store.

Apple’s new App Store guidelines are set to go live on September 3 and when they do, gaming operators with iOS apps will be required to ensure that these apps are in full compliance with the new guidelines, Failure to do so will result in the risk of having their gambling apps purged from the App Store. The updated guideline specifically targets HTML5 games “distributed in apps” and they “may not provide access to real money gaming, lotteries, or charitable donations”. This means that gaming operators can longer repackage their websites using HTML technologies and upload them on the App Store.

Now, while Playtech was already offering a native casino app for iOS devices, but there is a growing demand for native-first products since Apple made changes to its App Store guidelines hence its decision to expanded its product portfolio with such products.

“These changes have created yet another Apple-shaped hoop for operators to jump through. Luckily, we have been in the game for a very long time and understand that in order to succeed, we need to provide a solution that is guaranteed to help our licensees continue operating as usual,” Peter Mares, CTO of Playtech Games Innovation Labs, said.

What the New Product Line Entails

Playtech officials issued a statement that detailed various aspects of the company’s forthcoming product portfolio which is set to include both fully native online casino content as well as natively compiled games. But that is not all. The new solution will also allow Playtech’s partners and customers to easily build their own iOS compatible native apps through the company’s Software Development Kit (SDK). This is great for the customers as they will no longer have to incur the costs and risks of extensive investment in additional software development.

To make it even better, the new Software Development Kit also includes all of the necessary backend functionality that is usually offered by the company to its customers. In addition to that, it includes integration with Playtech’s Engagement 360 Platform as well as compatibility with third-party gamification tools as well as the very popular BetyBuddy Responsible Gambling Platform.

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