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Nevada Considers Mobile Out-of-State Betting


The American sportsbetting market continues its expansion, as the state of Nevada is currently considering allow players to make wagers from outside of the state. The decision would certainly help to boost profits across local casinos, but not everyone is on board with these plans.

A Contentious Issue

The Nevada Gaming Control Board met this week to discuss proposals that would expand the sports betting market in the state, allowing punters to place bets using mobile devices from outside of Nevada’s borders. The idea behind it is to make the registration process easier, giving players the ability to sign up no matter where they are. There would be no need to visit a land-based casino, and it would be a more convenient process overall.

The idea has been supported by large casino companies like MGM Resorts, Caesars Entertainment and Wynn – but there are some operators that are not on board. Representatives of the Nevada Resort Association have come forward to express their concerns about bringing remote betting to the state. The organization has noted that its members prefer to have punters register on-site at licensed casinos, as its members are comfortable with the way things are.

After hearing both sides of the issue, the NGCB has yet to make a decision. The board hopes to get more feedback on the issue before moving forward with any plans to change the way punters can register to place bets on sports.

Aim to Stay on Top

It is likely that the plan to approve remote betting registration is aimed at keeping Nevada at the top of the wagering market. Now that states are able legally allow sports betting, there are other states that may surpass Nevada in terms of betting profits.

According to a report from Gambling Compliance, New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania are expected to generate much more in gaming profits than Nevada over the course of the next five years. These states are working hard to expand their gambling markets and Nevada-based operators seem to want to get a leg up on other states while they are still in the initially process of licensing betting operators.

By allowing players to register and bet on sports from outside of the state’s borders, Nevada operators could potentially cash in on business from players in other states. However, there would need to be plenty of legislative work done in order to ensure that this is legal.

Over the next few months, we are surely going to see even more big changes to the American betting market. Many states are already in the licensing process with a view to offer legalized sports betting by the start in 2019.

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