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Melco International Happy to Open in Cyprus


Melco International has plenty of moves they are making, including trying to get one of the Japanese licenses before things are officially in line. Many casinos are in talks with Japan’s regulatory committee to place their bids in hopes that the three licenses becoming available will go to them. In another part of the world, Melco International is making headway.

The casino conglomerate has just opened their “pop-up” casino in Cyprus and will begin their major project in earnest now.

Melco opened a temporary casino to the public according to Cyprus Mail.

C2 Cyprus Casino is a $15 million project that is only temporary. The casino was able to welcome its first attendees Thursday, June 28, 2018. The temporary casino is part of Melco’s move to show citizens and visitors of Cyprus what it means to play at their casino resorts.

The stand in casino is currently in 4,600 square meters of space that was a supermarket. It is in Limassol. The casino has 33 tables, a VIP gaming area, 242 slot machines, two bars, a restaurant, and can accommodate up to 1,000 customers.

The casino is currently employing 593 people, who are 75 percent from Cyprus. In the coming months more workers may be added as the company begins the $637 million project called City of Dreams Mediterranean.

Lawrence Ho stated the temporary casinos will continue, in Nicosia and Paphos before 2018 is over. Larnaca and Famagusta are going to be satellite venues in 2019. By 2021, C2 Casino will end as the main casino will be fully operational.

The deal with Melco was to gain a 30 year monopoly in Cyprus and they are able to start with temporary casinos and three smaller slot halls until the main resort is completed. The officials in Cyprus provided the proper licenses to Melco so the temporary structures could be erected.

City of Dreams Med

The City of Dreams Mediterranean will be different from their other European gaming facilities to make certain it fits in the old town area, such as Nicosia. Melco did not want to create an eyesore, but something that fits the aesthetics of the area and architecture. There will be greenery, trees, and help guests feel they are in a village overlooking the hillside.

It is possible by the time the casino is built and functional that Melco will make over $815 million per annum.

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