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Australian Crackdowns on Gambling Affect Lotteries

Australian Lotteries

Aussie gambling taxes increase, but this is not the only thing causing strain on gaming in Australia. A bit ago several news sources reported changes to the Australian gaming taxes and gaming operators licensed in Australia need to pay attention to the IGA reforms. The reforms mostly affect operators; however, certain things can also limit players based on the companies running lotteries and other legal gaming portals. The crackdown may cause losses if you place your income in the wrong accounts.

The lotteries are being carefully scrutinized. The Interactive Gambling Act Amendment of 2018 was drafted to clarify issues with the 2001 gambling act. Legislators are now taken lotteries out of the equation for gamers. Bookmakers who provided the option of wagering on Australian lottery outcomes are no longer allowed to do that.

Mitch Fifield, Communications Minister, said the legislation is banning any betting on lotteries and Keno. It is thought that these “betting” options gave rise to fake lotteries, which is undermining the actual products available for purchase through legitimate sources.

What the Changes Mean

The changes to the gambling act will stop places like Lottoland from providing the option to place, make, or receive a bet on Australian lottery draws, whether people live in the country or outside of it. Lottoland is just one company that has offered these things in the past and is licensed through Gibraltar. The amendment is not in effect quite yet but should be within six months now that the bill is passing through parliament.

Lottoland has been operating with the use of a Northern Territory license as a way to legally offer products in Australia. They have been in a battle for more than a year with Tatts Group. Tatts Group defended traditional retailers of lotteries against the likes of Lottoland. Lottoland does offer online gaming, which is not seen as the same regarding legitimacy by the group. The bill says the amendment is also going to save around 20,000 jobs.

Last year, the IGA began trying to improve Australia and rid it of the gambling problem. Crown Resorts was allegedly defrauding people, so that gave IGA more ammunition to get their changes based through parliament. Several of the changes happening in 2018 is already affecting operators like William Hill.

William Hill had to exit the gambling world in Australia due to changes in the laws. Three other companies, PartyPoker, 888Poker, and Gaming Innovation Group have also left.

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